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Welcome to the download page. Simply select the appropriate button below based on your operating system. Upon first entering Talents, you'll have to agree to some basic terms. Then a configuration carousel will appear that will enable you to configure Talents based on your requirements i.e. Accounts, Parties, Categories, etc. Most of the options come pre-configured.

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The download for Windows is a Zip file. Once it is downloaded, open the Zip file and extract to the current location. Once extracted, execute the extracted .exe file. You'll be asked a few questions and then the Talents application will be installed. Reinstalling Talents will not overwrite your existing data if you've installed Talents previously. There is an option in Talents to delete your existing databases and start new with the default databases. There's also an option that shows you in what directories files exist.

You might receive the messages below or something like them when you execute the .exe file. This is due to the level of code certification. The download has been code certified but the algorithms in Windows don't always recognize it. It is okay to select "Run Anyway" on the screen as indicated below.

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Windows Run Anyway Screen.png


Available on request.

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