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My name is Jim Hill. I'm the founder of Samaritan Software Solutions. We are a Christ centered technology ministry committed to providing intuitive software and web design services to assist you in achieving your ministry goals. All software and services are free of charge and software can be distributed freely. There are no pricing plans because all products and services are free to qualifying non-profit ministries. Our only source of funding is from the generous donations of our supporters.

Our Story!

My personal journey with Christ started in 1974 during the Jesus movement of the 1970's. Although there have been many ups and downs over the years, nothing is more cherished than that special relationship with Him! Honoring Him is a priority in all that I do and is the leading driver behind Samaritan Software Solutions. 


After completing my education in Accounting, I worked for many years as a financial Controller and Financial Analyst for Fortune 500 companies. I later returned to school and obtained an MBA. In the 1990's I began learning programming as a hobby. Then, my current company at the time decided to purchase and install a new computer system (called an ERP). My role was to facilitate the documentation of hundreds of specific business requirements and then help the consultants configure and implement the software to fit those requirements.

This experience changed my career path forever! Working with the consultants was so enjoyable and rewarding, I called the software vendor and applied for a job as a consultant. This led me to spend the next 20 years traveling the world either as a consultant, project manager, or consulting director. Many of my customers were companies that generated over $100 billion a year in revenues and operated in dozens of countries. Countless hours were spent talking with users and stakeholders about their requirements in a computer system. 

Then I retired and my life changed again. We had for years been keeping spreadsheets on our personal finances and financial giving has always been a priority. Pioneers in home budgeting like Larry Burkett and Dave Ramsey helped form many of our own practices. The decision was made to computerize all our personal finances and after having spent many hours searching the web for an appropriate solution, I became frustrated. None of the applications were acceptable. Thus, the decision was made to create one from the ground up and Talents was born. That was just the beginning. Besides, what else was I going to do with my time? Now, there are several desktop projects in the works.

Then the need for a website developed. I researched and purchased the tools and began designing and creating websites for myself and my businesses. This also was just the beginning. As the word got out, I had requests to design and build websites for friends and colleagues. This is when I decided to start Samaritan Software Solutions with the goal of providing free desktop software and  web design and hosting services. Designing and hosting websites and licensing domains have associated third-party cost and fortunately, we have faithful contributors that allow us to provide all services free of charge to qualifying non-profit ministries.

It's been an incredible journey for which I'm very grateful everyday and I sincerely hope you benefit from our software and/or services. May He receive the glory for all that we do.


Samaritan Software Solutions LLC

9463 Benbrook Blvd, #125

Benbrook, Tx   76126


Phone: (817) 670-4111

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