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Gospel Music

Full featured home finance and budgeting application!

  • Create multiple accounts

  • Enter transactions like deposits and checks 

  • Print checks

  • Assign transactions to one or multiple categories

  • Create budgets

  • Track projects

  • Perform bank reconciliations

  • Upload data from spreadsheets

  • Report on your financial status based on expenditure groups and categories.

  • Customize the look and feel.

Everything in One Place!

On the left - individual accounts: 

  • Accounts can be bank or investment accounts or any other asset for which you wish to track monetary values such as land or precious metals. 


On the right - main transactions, queries, and report tabs including:

  • Check Register​

  • Check Register Query

  • Query by Category

  • Query by Allocated Amount 

  • Bank Card transaction query​

  • Donations Query​

  • Budget

  • Highlights Summary Report

  • Cash Flow Report

  • The data on each tab can be printed, viewed, or downloaded


Data at Your Finger Tips!

Flexible QBE style queries with print/view capability!

  • Check Register

  • Check Register by Category

  • Check Register Allocated Amounts

  • Bank card transactions

  • Donations

  • Income Statement

  • Cash Flow Statement

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Preview or Print Your Information!

Reports are just a click away!

  • View the results then either print, view, or download.

  • Report by Groups and Categories setup during configuration.

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Configure Your Information!

Highly configurable!

  • Account Types (i.e. checking, savings, land, retirement, crypto, etc.)

  • Accounts (i.e. bank/investment accounts, land, precious metals, etc.)

  • Parties (source of transactions i.e. employer or vendor)

  • Category Types (a high level grouping such as Income, Expense, etc.)

  • Category Groups (mid-level grouping such as Bills & Utilities, Automotive, Insurance, etc.)

  • Categories (detailed grouping i.e. Rent, Bank Fees, Taxes, etc.)

  • Category Templates (predefined group of categories)

  • Transaction Types (i.e. Deposit, Check, Adjustment, Transfer, etc.)

  • Frequencies (i.e. Monthly, Quarterly, Annual, Infrequent, Non-Recurring, etc)

  • Projects (an additional categorization for Projects)

Cross and Clouds

Cutomize the Appearance!

Highly customizable appearance!

  • Button height and font size

  • Grid row height, heading font size, and cell font size.

  • Label text size

  • Panel tab text size

Gospel Music

Pick Your Colors!

Customizable screen colors!

  • Predefined themes

  • Define each component's color (buttons, boxes, grid cells, grid headers, etc.)

Faith Music

Reconcile Your Accounts!

Bank Reconciliations by account!

  • Complete history of each reconciliation

  • History of outstanding checks

  • Download transactions from your bank or other institution


Keep Up On Your Contributions

Track and monitor you donations!

  • Each Transaction Type is defined as donation eligible or not.

  • Eligible transactions can be selected for processing.

  • Multiple donation profiles can be maintained.

  • Processing automatically generates checks based on profile.

  • Donation checks written are linked to associated deposit for tracking.

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